Fix Bootloader Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 using EasyBCD

Installing Windows 7 and Ubuntu sometimes make a mess to bootloader on some computers or laptops. After rebooting the PCs, the bootloader won’t shown or some case the Windows choice didn’t shown by bootloader or vice versa.  One of the solutions is using application to rewrite the master boot record (MBR). One of the application that can be do this is EasyBCD,  and it can fix the bootloader problems.

EasyBCD Entry Settings

Then how to fix the problems using EasyBCD?

  1. Download and Install the EasyBCD
  2. Run your EasyBCD with Administrator privileges
  3. (optional) Remove all of your boot entry first
  4. Add the Windows 7 boot entry (Add New Entry menu)
    EasyBCD Windows 7 Entry
  5. Add the Linux GRUB2 boot entry (Add New Entry menu)
    EasyBCD Linux GRUB Entry
  6. Choose “Install the Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR” (Bootloader Setup menu)
    EasyBCD Rewriting MBR
  7. Then click “Write MBR” button (Bootloader Setup menu)

That’s it your bootloader will be shown again and if you want to use Windows 7 just choose “Windows 7” and if you want to use Ubuntu then choose the “Linux GRUB” and then the GRUB bootloader will be shown.

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